We like iPads as much as we like printed books, but do we need to disguise one as the other, especially as a predictable old leather-bound tome like this BookBook for iPad? (That being said, we did have an iPod case that looked like a cassette tape.)

You might argue that eReaders just don’t feel book-like enough, and what with the design being in the hands of Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and the like, we can understand wanting to put something a bit more familiar in your hands.

If Penguin Books brought out eReader covers as sharp as their Clothbound Classics, perhaps we’d feel differently about disguising our gadgets. (If Harland Miller was somehow involved in the design, some of us might have one for every device. By the way, if you’re a major Harland fan, you can download a poster of his cover design for the (RED) Penguin Classics edition of The Lady with the Little Dog for free.)

Posted by Joana

Posted: February 3, 2011 • 11:48 AM
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